The Healing Journal
Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer

   If cancer has entered your life, take control of your journey!

What's it all about?

Watch this short video to learn more about my journey and this invaluable journal that is helping patients worldwide.

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Thank you Michael Baier for all your hard work on this project.  You did an amazing job helping me to share my book with the world.

AND THE WINNER IS.... I'm really proud to announce that The Healing Journal: Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer has been honoured in the 2012 International Book Awards as a finalist in the category of Self Help: Journals & Quotes, and as a WINNER in the category of Health: Organizers  & Planners.

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"Honestly Lynda, I don’t know where to begin.

I just finished your book and I am speechless.  I read it cover    to cover (first time I’ve ever read epilogues or acknowledgements!).    You have made me ashamed of the way I have been coping with my illness – you’ve done what I thought I would do and didn’t.  But now I think you’ve given me the courage to live without feeling pity for myself.  Your book is not just for cancer patients – it is for all people facing terminal diseases.  I have already started using some of your pages for medical history; my list of specialists; appointments; travel arrangements and medications. You have helped me organize the details.

I know now that what I did when I looked after my brother after his operation was helpful.  I always thought I could have done more.  Thank you for sharing personal thoughts and feelings.  It helps caregivers understand."

Anne ~ YT

"Thank you for the journal.  It’s a beautiful book.  I have yet to see a journal so nice to look at and to touch, while still having all the necessary parts to make it practical and useful.
I read your ‘story’, I want to say that I am sorry for all you’ve had to endure. You helped me to understand how truly difficult the cancer journey is, you also helped me to understand how a person can find resilience and strength because it is a story filled with hope and determination."
Kathy ~ YT

"Strength does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

 The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of

Your Journey Through Cancer 

The fear that chokes you and envelops your body; the feelings of sadness; guilt and dread, and the moments of panic and confusion, can all be controlled, reduced and in most cases even replaced when you get organized, take charge, hold your head high and summon the courage and strength that is deep in your soul. 

You can do this, you can manage a diagnosis of cancer and The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer is here to guide you, support you and help you along the way.

I was first diagnosed in 2006 with  Follicular Lymphama, an incurable form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, then again in 2009 with Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma.  Lots of Chemo and a bone marrow transplant and today I'm healthy and cancer free! 

I know how you feel and I understand your fears.  Having a place to keep track of the details and organize your thoughts will free your mind to concentrate on healing.

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WOW! What a treasure.  The book is beautiful and you really         opened your life and heart out to every one that reads it. I hope this book fulfills you and brings you success.

Thank you for all you hard work and efforts to empower others who experience cancer. I think you will help make a difference for so many people with your knowledge and wisdom.

Ingrid ~ YT

The Healing Journal: Taking Control of Your
Journey Through Cancer
is a:

  • Journal
  • Day planner
  • Organizer
  • Self-help workbook
  • Detailed record book
  • Resource book

It was written specifically for cancer patients and their caregivers. 
  It begins with the story of one survivor’s journey through the diagnosis and treatment, complete with the thoughts and raw emotions of a woman fighting to both come to terms with and learning to embrace life with cancer. 

It enables patients and caregivers to keep track of all the details that will suddenly become important in their lives: 

 It also includes strategies for taking control of those parts of the healing process that do not involve medical science such as:

Additionally,  The Healing Journal:  Taking Control of Your Journey Through Cancer  includes space for patients to reflect as they move forward in their own journey through this disease.  It is appropriate for all types of cancers and both men and women. Patients and caregivers who use this journal will find it to be an invaluable tool in their journey
through cancer.

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